Alcohol & Substance Free Sailing Retreats

Sober Waters Retreat was established to provide totally unique and amazing sober & wellness retreat for those individuals who look to spend time with other like minded people who prefer to holiday “sober” for whatever reason.

Sober Waters Retreat

You may simply be a person who wants to experience an amazing holiday retreat, in an alcohol and substance free environment. Alternatively, you may be a person who is currently in recovery and as a consequence want to surround yourself with other people in your situation.

So how can a Sober Waters Retreat really help somebody in recovery and what about the costs (see below.)

Well if it appears that you have lost the power to choose when you take drugs and alcohol and the the amount that you use?

Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes but in the majority of cases, the ending is always the same. If it appears that you have lost the power to choose when you take drugs and alcohol and the the amount that you use, then you really do have a problem. The end result often ends in the eventual destruction of one’s mental, emotional and physical health. The depletion of one’s finances, as well as a breakdown in social and family relationships.

Overtime there is a complete annihilation of the addicts’ spiritual and personal well being. Often, the addict will experience additional associated negative and detrimental results due to their addiction.

But surely there are many rehabilitation options out there that cater to the physical detoxification of the addict? Indeed there are! But most rehabs often simply neglect the source of the real problem – the mental obsession of the mind.

Addicts are personally powerless over the decision not to take a substance or carry out a certain act. All the breathing exercises, trigger warnings and counselling in the world are insufficient for this affliction. You may have heard the expression “it takes one to know one” and this is certainly true for addiction.

One tool that you should add to your armoury is Yoga. It provides the individidual with a spiritual environment irrespective of ones religious beliefs. It teaches the practice of learning how to slow down in an often stressful life. In addition, mindfulness and acceptance are very central to yoga and a healthy spirit. By setting aside time for personal growth and reflection one can focus on the path to recovery and a developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Yoga communities will help you build and develop “sangha” a healthy community of friends.

Yoga Poses

But make no mistake. Recovery is a long & often very difficult process, whereby relapse can happen. But by incorporating Yoga into a long term recovery practice, one can release stress and connect into your inner strengths. Whether your Yoga sessions are part of an organization or merely a 5 minute a day routine, do whatever works best for you. You will feel better for it in body, mind, and spirit. The Sober Waters Retreats themselves are generally based around progressive, holistic practices that include Yoga, Meditation & Ocean Therapy. The goal of which is to bring you more balance and harmony to your life.

Finally, head over to Sober Water Retreat (click the link below) for more information. If you would love to go on one of the retreats but simply cannot afford it. Then why not put you name down and enter the draw whereby one lucky person gets to spend a week on board a magnificent yacht sailing around the Med with other paying guests. OK you have to muck in and do a bit of work, but hey it is surely worth it to have the experience of a lifetime. CLICK LINK BELOW