Vibration Relief Technologies: Energy Healing Therapy Management Chronic Back Neck Pain Conditions.

Vibration Relief Technologies: Energy Healing Therapy Management Chronic Back Neck Pain Conditions.

LIGHT VIBRATIONWith more than 25 million people suffering from traumatic injury pain and 75 million people who suffer chronic pain, you can see that there are many people searching for non-invasive pain relief. The most common chronic pain people suffer from is back pain and neck pain. While most people first try OTC pain pills like acetaminophen and aspirin to get relief, the side-effects from chronic use of pills have driven people to look for new ways to achieve relief.


So we have been looking into many new, non-invasive pain relief therapies that may help give pain relief, but without the side-effects. Some of the new technologies we recently investigated can be termed “Vibrational” because they work by vibrating atoms within the cells. The important non-invasive technologies include

Light Vibration
Sound Vibration
Magnetic Vibration

There is one basic rule in nature, light is the source of life.” In fact, every living cell absorbs and emits light energy in the form of biophotons. It may be for this reason that therapies utilizing light energy have been shown to affect cells by providing an external source of photons for cellular function.

Light and low-level laser therapies have been widely used in Europe for clinical purposes for over 35 years and have been the subject of over 3,500 scientific papers published worldwide. Literature has shown that low-level light therapies are painless, non-toxic, and have minimal or no side effects. The beneficial effects of low level light therapy include increasing the body´s production of ATP and endorphins to reduce pain, and decreasing inflammation


For many years, medical practitioners have utilized sound vibration, in the form of ultrasound, both diagnostically and therapeutically. Basic science has shown that direct stimulation of living cellular tissue using sound frequency vibration can cause a marked cellular organelle response, a corresponding measurable increase of cellular metabolism and, therefore, a possible mobilization of the cellular healing response. The sound waves also stimulate motion of fluids through the body and brain, bringing to oxygen and other nutrients to tissues, that in turn increases serotonin, dopamine, and other neuropeptides and helps to alter our perceptions.

There have also been many anecdotal reports of healing with sound and music. The mechanism involved in this process may relate to resonance. It is believed that by delivering specific frequencies through the body directly, an entirely different system of the body – the brainstem and spinal cord – are brought into play, offering the possibility of direct cellular stimulation.


All life processes have evolved in the natural force fields of the earth. There has been growing evidence that living organisms are affected by magnetic and electric fields.

Magnetic therapy, based on modest static fields produced by permanent magnets, has not sufficiently distinguished itself from a more accepted form that is based on high-pulsed magnetic fields produced by electromagnets. While the actual mechanism by which electromagnetic fields produce biological effects is under intense study. Evidence suggests that magnets act on biological systems in multiple ways.

Cellular Effects: An important aspect of magnetic fields is that they permeate all body tissues without interference and affect various cell structures, DNA production, increased conversion of ATP to ADP, and stimulation of cyclic AMP. No cellular damage has been seen from even the most powerful static magnetic fields.
The Vascular System: There is evidence that magnetic fields decrease vascular resistance, thus increasing tissue oxygen. This effect reduces swelling and decreases clotting.
The Nervous System: Human and animal studies have shown decreased nerve cell firing after exposure to magnetic fields which may effect pain perception.
The Acupuncture System: Magnets produce rapid, specific and direct actions on acupuncture points and meridiansby generating microcurrents via the tendinomuscular systems that transmit electrical stimuli.
So you can see how these new technologies are becoming mainstream and more important for people seeking non-invasive pain relief.