Starting a Traditional Massage Agency

Starting a Traditional Massage Agency.

Starting a Traditional Massage AgencyMost of us imagine that the massage agency comes in just two flavors. Those flavors are erotic and medical. Those flavors, sitting apart from each other, only make up half of a potentially more fully rewarding kind of therapy.

In the clinical and therapeutic type, muscles, tendons, joints, and more are manipulated by strong, skilled hands. Most likely, the masseur holds a license and belongs to a regulating professional body, both granted only after numerous years of formal education. It is almost certain that a client would receive effective and professional treatment.

Past this highly polished aura of professionalism and overall competence, it matters quite little who the therapist is as a particular individual. Anyone can agree that it is better to pass an hour with someone who has a winning smile, but this matters little to the actual scene of therapy. If anything, it matters even less what sort of feelings the therapist might arouse in the fantasy life of the client.

Purely medical procedures characteristically delimit the therapist to being no more than two hands and a fine technique. This therapist works one side of a fence. The other side of that fence is worked by the sex worker. On this side of the fence, everything depends upon who the therapist is, both in terms of her or his individual nature and in terms of the feelings and fantasies she is able to bring out of the client.

However, the sex worker is seldom trained to offer anything that might be considered true healing. Their business is mere sexual release of the crudest kind, and in the lower orders of the business, the quicker the better. At most, it is possible to find a sex worker trained to treat sexual dysfunction.

Were a therapy to be more truly holistic, it would have to offer some combination of the best of both worlds. Such a therapy would offer the client a serious therapeutic benefit. At the same time, this type of healing would be a gift from the therapist’s whole person, including her individual charms and the fantasies and feelings she elicited in her client.

It is exciting when a new form of therapy is truly integral, addressing the whole client and not just the list of his symptoms. The general public has been demanding this service for some time, and while the market may be slow to respond, eventually, in due time, it does respond. That response is the massage agency of today, tomorrow, and beyond.