What is Tantric Massage

What is Tantric Massage.

What is Tantric MassageThere is more to tantric massage that what merely meets the eye. Normally, it is not just a sexual acupressure technique. It is however a fact that it is sensual and used to stimulate the natural sexual drive of the body. Nonetheless, the main aim of the practice is not sexual fulfillment.

Different religions have different believes. Hindus for example consider this practice to be very essential in enabling a person to grow from pleasurable acts. What makes this particular acupressure significant is that if done properly, it may trigger an orgasm. Its main fundamentals however is to stimulate kundalini. This great energy sleeps inactive at the spine base.

In the event where kundalini is stimulated, it consequently activates the natural power of your body to provide self-healing. Therefore, the basic purpose of this kind of massage is to activate this energy. According to Sanskrit linguistics, backbone disks are referred to as chakras. During this, there are special principles that specify the manner in which it is to be done.

The body, mind and spirit are healed during the practice. Consequently, the receiver is relieved of mental physical and spiritual pain. People who provide these services are required to be well trained to ensure that they are able to assist the receiver get the desired results.

The tantra is extremely intimate. This is because there is the inclusion of varied body parts as well as private body part. Make sure that you are able to trust the person doing it for you. If you do not ensure this, then there is a possibility that you may feel susceptible. To get the best out of this, it is a good idea that a couple is trained on this.

This practice comes in two types. The first one is the yoni. Here, the woman sexual organ is the beneficiary. The other one is the lingam, the massage of the male sexual organ. You need to make sure that these steps are followed to the latter for the release of the therapeutic energy from the backbone.

Tantric massage provides the chance for the person being massaged to have some form of bodily and sensual gratification. This does not automatically demand that the giver gets the service in return from the receiver. The aim of this is to ensure that the other person is relaxed for successful healing. Reciprocation is however common.